A Simple Guide to Indian Wedding Events

So you've been invited to an Indian Wedding, what should you expect? What should you wear?

Indian weddings tend to be more than just a ceremony & a reception on average there are at least 3-7 events to attend as a guest. 

Usually, I am ill prepared for the number of events that I have to attend and end up wearing my mom's extra clothes or my grandma's saris. If the wedding is at a place where traditional wear is prominent, it is easier to buy your clothes there and get them tailored.

The KARISH. Line is designed around the core Indian wedding events, so you can be prepared for everything in comfort/ease and getting your clothes tailored to your size ahead of time so you can be stress-free & ready to go!


What does traditional wear look like? 
Usually centered around 3 main outfits but can be found in a variety of styles: very dressy to extremely simple

Depending on the region in India, events may vary. There might even be more than 7. Sometimes you'll unexpectedly get invited to events during that same week.

Core Indian Wedding Events 

  1. Family Dinner/Gifting
    1. It is not uncommon that a dinner happen before the event with close friends and friends of the family. The bride comes and is blessed by the family & is showered with gifts.
    2. Tends to be a non formal event but a simple salwar kameez will be perfect.
  2. Puja (Prayer)
    1. A more conservative event served with Lunch 
    2. A sari or salwar kameez that is comfortable. Often the prayer can go on for an hour or so
  3. Mehndi (Henna/Bangel Selection)
    1. You want to ensure you are wearing short sleeves because you are getting your hands and arms designed with Henna (and for the pattern to show up, you have to let it dry for hours) all girls from bride and groom ideas are invited to this ceremony
    2. Dressy Salwar Kameez or Sari
  4. Haldi 
    1. Get ready for your hands to be stained yellow! All married women scrub the bride/groom with Haldi which is A mix of turmeric powder and waters this is to bless the bride with good vibes for marriage
    2. Dressy Salwar Kameez or Sari
  5. Sangeet
    1. This an ode to bride & groom. It is similar to reception we all have tables, play games people come and dedicate dances to bride/groom
    2. You want to feel as comfortable as possible  because there is dancing/singing/games (lots of movement)
    3. Dressy Ghagra Choli or Salwar Kameez or Sari
  6. Wedding Day
    1. Ghagra Choli or Salwar Kameez
  7. Reception
    1. The Most Fabulous Piece for this event: 



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